Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hoo ****** Ray!

Ok!...I like Bloggers ease of working, so I`ll stay for now!  Have to be honest though, its not good?  Just had a phone call from a friend, she is having the same trouble!!!!..........

At least we are`nt on our own, this issue has been running for some time it would seem.  Have tried to download pics to blogger also, no chance! have had some lovely comments, saying that readers would move with me if I did so.
So good to hear that.  But at the moment, I shall stay. On the horse front? Well what can I say, young charlie, is still doing ok, however, as one reader suggested, I shall worm him.
He is a happy little chap, always happy to see you!
Temperature is the same as yesterday, 50F. like a Spring day?   Well apart from the bloody rain!
 Been a while since we had weather like this!  
Forget what I said about uploading pics!!!!!!!!    This one worked!  Hoo bloody ray!!!!!!


  1. i have had a hard time also, I wondered if it was two much traffic perhaps.Doesn't help to cuss, nobody here to listen. HA!

  2. You can find out when blogger and other social media sites are down or malfunctioning at http://downrightnow.com/

    I have the occasional hiccup at blogger, but it's hard to complain about a free service.

    Good to see you still kickin' anyway.

  3. Well I'm glad you are staying...although I would follow you, as long as you are followable...does that make any sense. Anyhow I wish we had your temps...and sorry but you can keep the rain.

  4. We are having a mild winter except for today it is really cold because of the wind.
    I have many blog friends who use Word Press, easy to read and follow. I get a notice of their post through e-mail. You take such lovely pictures, shame not to share.....:-)Hugs

  5. Hi Ron, you are right. But hey they do my head in!!lol
    Janice, if we could transport the rain elsewhere, we would!!

    Thanks Bernie!

  6. Glad things are working again. I follow a couple of wordpress blogs and get notified of new posts on my blogger dashboard alongside blogger posts.

  7. I so far havent had any trouble with blogger (fingers crossed) and am glad you are back in for a while.