Monday, January 09, 2012

Problems "error 505"

Well! I have just about had it with Blogger!   I have been trying to have Windows Live Writer publish this blog from this new computer on windows 7. All I seem to get is "error 505!"
Seems this is their fault.
W7 has Wordpress as their auto blog publisher, might have to move across! Cant even publish pics now either!

Anyone had any issues with this before?


  1. LOL I have no issues like that cause I have a mac LOL ;)

    Seriously I kinda hate Wordpress but if you go i'll keep reading.

  2. I receive this error message all the time and not only when I blog, just working on my computer. This only happened when I got my new laptop with Windows 7, I think I hit a key (accidentally) which does something I am not aware of. Anyway I haven't figured it out yet, I just close out of the program and begin again and I am okay. Let me know how you make out ok, good luck.....:-)Hugs

  3. Thanks guys! xx! I try to re start the program, which is windows live writer, but to no avail! According to comments on the web, its a fault at Blogger! An internal server issue, god knows when they`ll fix that!

  4. Blogger abandoned me too this week, and I had to get an expert to find him/her. You have my sympathies.