Sunday, January 08, 2012


"Out with the old, in with the new!"   So they say!...But as far as I can see, its just more of the same. No, I`m not being a pessamist, not even a cynic! Just a realist. Its all to do with the illneses. Now ordinarily I wouldnt bother, well, I would just shake off a bad cold. but this time, its been a real bugger! Been hanging on my chest for weeks. A few friends have been the same!  But  atrip to the Doc, revealed nothing I didnt already know. "Its a virus!"   How unusual!  He said that the last time!

But that apart, things have taken a turn for the better! It would seem that although we thought hay prices would rise, they have remained stable.  Feed prices in general are doing the same. 

Gracie, is doing well, carrying good condition and looking fit.! Sunny, the same, and so is Wally and Jacob! Bob, the little Welsh, is also fine.
However!  Charlie, who you may remember, was a Weanling I bought around October gone. he isnt doing too well, he`s losing condition and looking a bit "ribby!"
I would post pics, but cant as yet, havent transfered files from the old machine yet!

Have been catching up on all your blogs, and am pleased to be back in action!!


  1. I guess it doesn't matter where you live the same stuff goes around. I hope you are feeling better soon.Uhh Doctor's don't ya just love's always a virus cause you know that aren't going to admit that they don't know.....oops sorry I don't have much use for the breed.Glad to hear the horses are doing well. Maybe Charlie needs a shot of dewormer to pick him up some? New Lap top...nice..... sticky fingers not so nice. I have to say that description did make me smile though. Have a nice week.

  2. Hi Janice! Nice to hear from you! Yep, doctors urgh! Glad you laughed!!

  3. Hello and happy New Year a bit late I know. We’ve had a nasty cold around here too, like most colds it went to my chest, it’s mostly gone now. Hope you shake it soon.

    Glad to hear that mostly everyone’s doing ok, good luck with getting some condition on Charlie soon. I find the young ones often get a bit skinny when they have growth spurts, Murphy our little welsh chap used to go from fat to thin in a matter of day, but he always got it back pretty easy.

  4. Chest cold here too; to those who asked if I was on antibiotics, I could only laugh and tell them I don't need a doctor to tell me it's viral and there's nothing they can do about it! I self medicated with essential oils, and after a week it's nearly all gone. Rough go for a bit though.
    Yearlings all seem to go through a rough patch, just keep pouring the feed to him; a few minerals and some garlic, and come spring when the green grass comes in he'll blossom.

  5. So glad you are feeling better, there are so many with that same cold, I guess it just has to take its course........:-)Hugs