Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Odd Shoes?


Ok, today was a logging day. Yes! It`s that time again, well in actuality, I have been logging for the last couple of weeks. I know this is none horsey, but! …………….While I was logging the other day, I came across a set of Horse shoes. Rusty wasn’t the word, more sort of……made of rust! Anyhow, there was only two shoes, one front and one rear. I could not for the life of me decide for what purpose they were made.

In all the few years I have been messin` with horses, I have never seen a set like this.


The right shoe is a front one! It has a square toe, each shoe is 6 inches across. The left shoe has a lip on the out side edge. Also the right hand edge as you can see tapers away to nothing.

As you can see, from the pictures, they are rather large. It would appear they were made for a Clydesdale Horse some time ago. For the show ring. Apparently this design, is used to push the hocks together, by lifting the outside edge of the hoof. Makes for a better show? My friend and local genius, Fiona, she has Clydesdales, and was able to show me a recent pair, used in today`s Show ring. All in all, these shoes are for Foals!! About a year old, maybe less.

shoes 016

This is a new addition, “Hermione”, a two year old Clydesdale Filly.

Thought I`d share with you all. Interesting, how one task, seems to lead to another?



  1. Another case of people messing with the natural action of horses to force them in to a show ring ideal.
    Cool find though!

  2. Tend to agree, although from what I understand, the shoes only stay on for the duration of the show.

  3. Yeah, TWH rear shoes have trailers like that. Not to that extent though!

    They're not on just for the duration of the show if they fall off out in the woods for you to find. Poor babies :(

  4. I have looked atyour odd odd shoes me thinking about my own shoe situation .....shoe the horse or me??? .....I won!!!!!!!!!!!1 .two gorgoeous pairs sensible and then the second pair not so practical heels( not high - rather lowish stylish type) ....simply divine ...go nicely with my skinny jeans ...thankfully no rust in sight yet

  5. Hi Funder! In hear what you say. But where these were found, I would think they were thrown away.

    Hey Sally? I wouldnt be the one to judge on shoes! Not my thing!lol

  6. Absolutely love Hermione. She's gorgeous.

  7. Hello! Way back when you visited my site and I'm not sure I was ever kind enough to leave you a comment! Thanks for stopping by, I love your photography as mine is sorely lacking!

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  8. Hi Mari! Yeah she is some horse! Standing 17.2 at the moment!!!!!

    But "Ella", who I have mentioned before, is a charmer too!

  9. Interestin finds, I had a draft team once and loved them, but never did show them so no shoes were worn.