Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Near Miss!…………0r ( Something`s Afoot!)

The manure heap is the size of my house! Huge, monstrous, and steaming like a steel plant chimney! But, the plants are gonna love it, and the worms are gonna eat the stuff! Well at least that’s the plan!

I`ve cut back this year on the veggie patch area, too much. So today was a spread the muck day! I was really enjoying myself, and to be honest having a good time. That is until ?

Have you ever done something, a certain something, that just before you do it, and while doing it, you know you shouldn’t be doing it? Well that’s what I did!

The sharp pronged fork I was using to spread the muck, (a great bit of kit!) was held aloft, in order that I may thrust it into the pile! It was then, that I rebalanced myself.

I placed my left foot on the pile of dung. Then I began the downward thrust of the fork. As it descended, I was acutely aware that this was a bad idea. But it was too late, the sharp prongs were heading for a collision course with my left foot!

I knew it was going to hurt, and there wasn’t a thing I could do. I distinctly remember the sharp prongs entering through the top of my wellington boot. In went one prong, straight through and out via the sole. I stood and waited for the pain.

Nothing happened at first, so I retrieved the fork from my foot, and waited for the blood to seep out onto the ground. Nothing!

My immediate thought was, that I had damaged a nerve, so I sat down, and began to remove the boot. To my delight, the prong had passed right through the boot, and between my big toe and the next one along! I was as pleased as Punch!

Here is the boot, notice the puncture hole?


Here is the foot! All in one piece!



  1. Phew. Human was cringing while reading that. What are the chances of that? Someone somewhere was watching out for you today.

  2. Oh my gosh! You are a lucky guy! Phew! That could've been really bad on so many levels. Happy gardening!

  3. Oh good grief! You are one lucky guy. But you sure are keeping your guardian angel busy when you don't listen to him!
    Hey, I need you to go back on to my foaling contest post and choose colt or filly, you can pick one of the colors too if you want- the possible colors are listed at the bottom of the post.

  4. I think my nine lives are a lot less right now!Lol.

    I was very lucky, my wellie boot wasnt so!
    But it still hasnt leaked! I put it on, and stood in a barrel of water tonight, no leaks!

  5. Arggggh, I was cringing the entire time I read. Whew, you foot has 9 lives thank heavens.

  6. You lucky devil!

  7. Yikes I have done that before but ussually dont end up so lucky.