Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stihl Loggin`!

So whats been happening? Well not much, apart from logging.  There is something extremely fulfilling,  about sawing logs, or splitting logs. I suspect its a power thing.

I stood back today as a rather splendid Birch tree crashed to the ground.  Awesome sight!  That smell of two stroke exhaust,  and the spray of wood chippings flying from the Stihl!  Gotta love that!

Anyway, got finished around 3pm,  needed a good shower, amazing how those little wood chips get places?…….Places even my OH dont see too regular!

As I was splitting the Birch logs up,( using my new Fiskars X27 log splitter! )  I started to imagine my boss!   Oh how that axe cruised through the wood! “Thwack!”  Brilliant.   Not that I`m too obsessed about my boss! (Thwack!)  But just lately he`s been getting on my wick!   But I`m on rest days now, and things are evening out. (Thwack!)   I`ve got another couple of days work left to do, and then I should be finished.     


  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy. Isn't the smell of fresh cut wood wonderful.....hmmm.It also sounds like it's a good thing those thwacks aren't near your boss.You are so lucky I'm glad you had a near miss and no something more harmful.

  2. never had to much to do with logging, but I can see how it would really feel like you acomplish something when its all ready

  3. Ted is supposed to be building us a log splitter and it keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of his to-do list. I think he needs to buy the hydraulic ram before he can do it. Sure would make a difference!

  4. This sounds like some hard work, but a lot of fun.

  5. Hi All!, I love it! My back breaks by the time I`m done, and Shirley`s man needs to get that splitter built!Lol I`m gonna do the same so much easier!

    I got myself a new ram on Ebay last week, just need to get the otherbits!