Saturday, November 24, 2012

Problems With Horses. (Feed)

Following the last post, there were a number of good replies, but one stood out, from Sally in New Zealand, on her blog, 

Her quote, “ I like the ramble of horse blogs - safe and all about wonderful people and animals!” How good an answer is that?  I thought you should all read it.  Anyway, things have moved on, I am having some thoughts on various feed issues. I am trying a high calorie feed, not one I have used before, its having some effect, but for the cost, which has escalated by 2 pounds in one month! So I`m going to try a Dodson and Horrel mix for bulking up. Its not much different in price but the contents are of better quality. You only get what you pay for, right?

nov 2012 mud 003

(Charley and the sticky burrs!)

The other thing is the weather, its dragging the horses  down in terms of there health, so I`m going to start a different regime.  I`m thinking of bringing two at a time to the house, where the stables are, and keeping them there for 4 days, while at the house, they will get a lot more TLC, and a good feeding, not that they are`nt now, but the will be protected from the wet weather for 4 days! The other 4 days they will have to go back to the field, but its better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!   So we`ll keep you updated. As you may remember, we had additions to the field, and they are causing some issues, mainly at feeding times.  So that will be solved hopefully too! 

All my horses have ad lib hay or haylage, but this year has been so wet, its causing some major issues with health across the board. Up here in SW Scotland,it has rained nearly everyday for the last 12 months!! No really!   So the grass is crap, and the ground water logged.  Enough of this!

Here`s some piccies!

nov 2012 mud 010

The new additions center!

nov 2012 mud 009

Can you see that look???  Gracie isnt a happy bunny!

nov 2012 mud 014

Even Sunny is a bit miffed!


  1. Geez I am really feeling for you with the waterlogged ground ......we have been blessed with fine weather so I'm a bit spoilt. I'll send you some!!!!
    Have you thought of a dry pad in creating a free draining surface. My friend made one by making a 20x20 yard with a metal base and then sand on top. Any water drains away and leaves the horses mud free.You do have to muck it out though .....or maybe research into that honeycomb matting that can be put in high traffic areas and the grass can grow through
    ....perhaps you need to all move here

  2. Dearest Sally, thank you, I did visit NZ in the summer of 82/3, Auckland, and Dunedin. Thoroughly loved the place. So your offer though very tempting is fully appreciated. I had wanted to stay at the time, but HM Gov, were`nt too happy at the idea. I`m glad your getting better weather, and thanks for the ideas on matting. My biggest problem just now is the weather. If it would dry up, it would be great. But thanks for your kindness.

  3. I feel for you, no fun to live in a soggy world, but I would trade you for a bit if you want some snow with ice underneath it, pretty dangerous out here now, hoping for some warm weather enough to melt the snow and the ice underneath then we can start over again.

    1. Sounds as bad as here! I`ll keep the rain!