Saturday, December 01, 2012

Oh What a Lovely Day!

Well! It didnt rain!  But it froze solid!………”There might be snow!”  Claimed the BFLWM.  Who incidentally, needs shot at dawn!

frozen nov 2012 433

It was cool today, didnt get above freezing all day, and it was Ace! Dry bright and free from rain.  So it was out with the Oats and off to feed  the herd!

frozen nov 2012 478

The colour is a bit OTT, but not bad for the HTC!

frozen nov 2012 505

Great day, due to some light rain on top of the ice, too slippery to ride, but if this is a taste of weather to come? Brilliant!


  1. PLEASE send some rain our way :-)

    1. Dear Mary Ann,
      It is with great sadness, that despite many trials and efforts on my part, to send rain to you, I feel that I have failed. I have danced around large fires wearing nothing more than a smile, tried shouting at the moon, eaten bugs and such manner, and drank myself into a coma, in order to send rain to you. It would seem that I have failed, ah well, my court case is due soon, and I may be going down for a long while, I fear the judge does not look kindly on wild parties and naked men dancing around fires in the middle of winter, invoking the rain Gods! Never mind, it could be worse!Lol.

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  3. So nice to see the sunshine, let's hope this is the sign of good things to come :-)