Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Fleeting Thought.


frozen milk2010 004

I was wondering? Has anyone seen Spring? .....It was about this time last year,
that she came to see me, soft, warm and with an easy grace, that belied her
fickle nature.

Has anyone seen her? ...I am worried for her, she promised much,
but has been remiss, she looked so well last month, when  I saw the sun, but only for
a while, perhaps she is waiting, for what I do not know, perhaps she hides her
face, behind the snow.
I`m sure she will come, she is sometimes late, but as soon as we see her warm
embrace, that smile will cross our face.
The weatherman says that more snow may come, and ice may form again, but lets
not dwell on winters moans, for he is almost done, that cold East wind it howls
and cries, for he knows his day is done.

Cheyenne Jones.


  1. I haven't seen her either.

  2. This time last year I have a pic of me with the Grandfoal, the Grandfoal is in short sleeves and the sun is shining. I am wearing my sweetitch rug. This year no Grandfoal and I am wearing icicles on my bum!.

    1. Icicles on your bum? .......Good God woman! What next!!!!!Lol.

  3. Oh, man... this time last year my neighbor had already cut his pasture twice (too early)... and everything was coming up green here. Now we have five inches, though I DID get an hour's work done before it started yesterday. We still need the moisture so I'm trying to be happy about it!

  4. Brr! Spring is much to late in coming here as well, but I sure hope she makes an apperance soon!

  5. He Is Moaning, For He Is Almost Done!
    This Ode To Springs Entrance, Loved It!
    Bidding The Winter Goodbye, It Will Surely Be Around The Next Bend!

    From Here, It Looks So Very Beautiful...But Seeing Some Of The Other Colors This Time Of Year Has
    To Offer, Wound Be Far Greater.

  6. She is not here either.... she has left us without snow but with bitterly cold winds and fog. If we all keep searching she must appear soon.

  7. Oh my!!!!!Huge difference from your Mar. 10 post to Mar. 24. I'm sorry you guys are getting nailed.We are actually having a gradual ascent to Spring ... A Real Spring for a change!!!!Last year at this time we were getting flooded and it was ugly.Our snow is almost gone...other places it has been gone for awhile, the grass is starting to poke up.I hope you get your Spring back soon that's just scary.Those lambs are so cute. Love your header shot.

    1. Thanks Janice, nice thought. At the moment, the snow is lying, but during the day the temp rises to about +5C, at night down to -6/7 C. Been very cold the coldest March for 50 years apparently!

      We have no grass at all, still feeding hay, and hard feed, (grain). No sign of any blossoms, or daffodils!! This really is awful. The lambs are still ok, milk from the Ewes is ok for now, but we do need the hot sun. The header shot isnt bad, thanks!