Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Cold and Windy. (No Pics)

This is a short post, Lol! (small fence then!) Sorry. Sunday was a free day, my OH said I could shy off lambing for the day! YeeHa!…………..Unfortunately i forgot my camera, and the mobile phone ran out of power before I got to the ride! Sorry, no pics.

We have had some very cold East winds over the last two weeks, but some wonderful sunshine, and most of the low lying snow has gone, except for the big drifts. I managed to clean `ol Gracie up a tad, and we headed for Kershope Bridge. I have been many times and you will have seen the older pics.  I left home a little after 9.30am, on the way i collected Sheena and her horse Patrick. It was cold, but not terribly so. However by the time we arrived at the forest, there was a bitingly cold East wind ripping down the valley.  just tacking up was an effort! My little fingers were really frozen, numb in fact, I checked the car thermometer, and it read an outside temp of –2C. Not cold by some standards, but with the wind chill? Must have been a little colder. Anyway, tacked up, a hot coffee inside and away we went, hot footing it down the river bank, towards a back road leading to a sheltered ride through the forest. There wasnt a lot of snow here, but once we began to climb, we soon found a lot more! Although sheltered inside the beautiful Pine trees, it seemed a whole lot colder! There was ice on every  stream. We cut the ride short after 2 and a half hours, the sun still shone, but my gloved hands were feeling the cold. Plus Sheena hadnt really dressed for the cold, she had been more? Well, more spring like in her choice!  There was one funny moment of the ride, I had had to stop for a personal break, and once finished, i began to climb on the horse, all was going well, when for no reason I can think of, I began a rather leisurely slide right off the other side! I knew it was going to happen, but couldnt stop it! I still dont know what happened even now, Gracie didnt move, so I can only blame myself. It happened so slowly I could see it all as clear as day, god knows what Gracie thought I was doing! Poor horse.

Anyway, that was it, get on one side and straight off the other side!! I did laugh. But I did feel that Sheena made more of it than was necessary!!

I must be losing the plot. I dont mind being thrown off, thats par for the course!(occasionally) But sliding off the other side? Oh well, never mind. So that was it really, cold and windy.


  1. Haha I can imagine laughing like crazy at seeing someone go up one side and down the other!!

    Sounds like a pretty chilly ride, but you stuck it out for a couple hours thats pretty good.

  2. Wishing I had more land, a lady nearby is selling all of her minatures.

  3. That's Hysteric!!

    It's A Good Thing I Wasn't There, Cause I'd Be Rolling....Stuff Like That Is Pure, Natural, Funny Bone Stuff.
    One Of My Favorite Shows Is "America Funniest Home Videos".
    My Man Doesn't Go For It Much As It Is All Stuff Like What Happened
    To You, And Seems To Poke Fun
    Of Accidents...
    But, It's So Great To Laugh It Up Anyway....!!

    I've Done That Very Thing...Jumping On My Bareback Saddle. Right On Over I.Went, Complete With Audience.

    Those Rides, In The Extremes, Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Say," What Were We Thinking?"

    1. You`re right! it was funny! Embarrassing, but funny!

  4. Maybe it was the cold. I can remember riding a racehorse early one morning was probly only zero or so but that is cold for us in Oz and we don't dress properly for it (though I think I had a few pairs of socks on). The horse bucked a beauty and I was on the ground before I could even really realise I was off. I attempted to get up to run after her before she got too far, and instead ran back into the ground and ended up flat on my front because my legs were too cold to feel what I was doing properly, or maybe my brains were frozen and my balance didn't work properly. :)

    1. Sounds like a bad day! Yeah OZ is usually warmer. Been there a few times, mainly Gold Coast, Perth, Freemantle.

      Glad you stopped by!