Monday, May 27, 2013

“Last Will & Testament.” (No not me!)


As some of you will no doubt have noticed, I have been posting  a funny couple of posts.  This is mainly down to not having a horse to ride. Here is where I relate to Richard III, (my kingdom etc?)  Therefore, being without is like ……well, its like losing something special. Therefore I offer no apologies, nor do I claim to have been ill.

My non horsey posts have been a return to that other love of mine, no not the wife!      …..Writing!!  Its been a passion of mine for years, even in the womb, of course that was very cramped,  and damp. But the years have looked kindly on this ol` man, the creases around the eye`s have been earned,  each and every one. Looking back, I find myself thinking of that late and great writer and songster, Jake Thackeray, a most erudite and comedic man. He was most of my inspiration, and as a result, I have laid out my plans for my final send off. To whit, songs shall be played by him, difficult to be sure, as he is dead, but non the less, a recording of some type will play various humorous  tunes and ditties.


With songs about burglars disguised as nuns, unspeakably awful in-laws and rampant cockerels, all human (and animal) life is here!  Sadly Jake passed away some years ago. But there are those who maintain his legacy at  This is worth a visit.