Monday, May 27, 2013

For Fun part 2 (very tongue in cheek, be warned, naughty bits)


   “Cut!”  Was the last word I needed to hear.  But if I hadnt, things would have gotten out of hand, as it was, Randolph Scott could breathe again!   I left the scene with bad grace, but she didnt mind.  I stepped out of the Saloon, out into the dark night, I apologised and carried on.

I could clearly see my ol` hoss, leanin` casual like, against the hitchin` rail. Calm as you please, I looked at her and she at me,  she was a beauty,  graceful and ………….Ok! thats enough, lets move on!

I was lookin` for the man that wasnt there, he wasnt there last night, or the night before, so I guessed he wouldnt be here tonight. I checked the script and made a mental note to avoid using the same writers again!  A short time later I rode into trouble!  Yes Trouble, with a capital T, they called it Big “Trouble!”  I called in on the Sheriff,  we had tea and  I had a small French fancy, she didnt give me her name, an` I wasnt askin`! 

Crossin` over to the saloon, I saw  a sign on the door, but I needed a drink, so the sign could wait.  “What`ll it be stranger?” Came the casual question from the bartender. I looked at him and said, “How`d you know ma name?”   He looked right back at me, “Its in the script son!”   

Two paragraphs later, and there she was! Tall blonde and fit to turn a mans head! But what I couldnt understand  was, what was  Virginia Mayo  doing in this script?  Some one must be dreaming!  I shook my head, and shouted “Stop this!”  But I didnt pay attention, and carried on, Virginia  slapped my face, nothing happened?  C`mon! She slapped me again, (re writing the paragraph hurriedly)  She slapped me again!  Thats better I thought!  My face was red, and it stung. But thats what you get from shaving with a Bowie knife!

I left town the next morning,  ol` Mayo was wavin` g`bye!     I caught the train back ta Blogsville,  by god it was heavy!  ……….(Old ones are the best!)  My ol` hoss was where I left her, leaning on the hitchin` rail.  Cool as a cucumber I mounted her, (that doesnt sound quite right, does it?) we rode out of town together, headed for where I knew there was better jokes and even better whiskey!  Valance Porch!  ………See ya there some day!


  1. Damn it Cheyenne, you got me standing up and cheering! Bad Grace and avoiding using the same scriptwriters... wonderful!

    I'm moving on now Cheyenne, but I'll be looking in from afar for more gems like this. So long, Pard. Keep smiling.


    1. Thanks ol` Son, dont stay away too long, ya hear!