Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lets Go Brand Some Calves!

Of course you have to gather the beasts!  But first, find them! Thats a lot of country out there!!
montana 2013 trail 198
Just gathering them in was in itself a task! Hunting for hours! Finally!!

montana 2013 trail 244
Here I got to “slap” some iron! Yes its me.
  Now depending on what size the pastures are, and here I will not call them small. We gathered them all together, and set about building a mobile Pen for them.
montana 2013 trail 214
Once built, the cows and calves are herded in, and the shedding out starts, all calves remain, and Mum`s are out!
montana 2013 trail 220
Gene, on the right, and Lonnie on the Grey horse begin the task of throwing a loop around the hind feet of each calf, and drag them out of the pen.
montana 2013 trail 227
These beasts weigh upwards of 200-300 pounds!  Not an easy task.  God knows how they managed to brand thousands of cattle in the Trail Drive days!
montana 2013 trail 240
“Phew!” last one comin` in!  
montana 2013 trail 248
The long ride home.


  1. AND you got to pay for having so much work to do right? Imagine the experiance being worth ever penney though

    1. Hi Camryn, yes it was worth every penny! Thing is, I am going back next June too!!

  2. Wait! Where are you and where have you been?????

    1. Hi Mary Ann, been to Montana,USA, for a two week holiday! Absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

  3. That Was Awesome! Looks Like Searing Some Hide To Me...Slapping Some Iron Probably Smells!
    Nice Gloves Dude. Looked Soft On A Dry Working Day. Wow, Going Out Too Fetch The Critters Sounded Really Cool. I'd Love That Range Riding.
    You Got A Beautiful Dapple Grey
    Long Days In The Saddle, And That One Was A Hot Tub Night(If I Had My Way). Woo!
    More More!!!

    1. I did get into the hot tub on one night, but usually I was well pooped! So early nights were the order of the day! Those gloves kept my hands from burning!!
      That grey was "Wrangler" a really cool cow pony, turn on a dime! There will be more!

  4. Very cool, you should come up to Alberta, we could sure ut you to work branding calves ;) Our biggest branding is about 700 and it all gets done in one day, pretty organized to do that much (and lots of help)

    1. I`d love to come over! But I`ve already booked for Montana agin in June 2014. Maybe the year after?