Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pig Races and a Roping Competition.

We were invited, to a local roping competition, just outside a small village called “Fishtail”, which sits below the Beartooth Mountains near Red Lodge.

montana 2013 140

The day was hot and really quite dusty at the arena. But with a few cold ones, and some comfy chairs, time passed with adequate pleasure. I even got to throw a few loops on the cow dummy!

montana 2013 135

Sheena, my travelling companion, enjoyed the whole thing immensely.

montana 2013 137

montana 2013 131

Now is`nt that cute?  He looked so young, and yet so capable of roping a steer!

From here we drove back towards Red Lodge, and then onto a small community at Bear Creek. Remembered locally for a very serious mining accident back in 1949.  However, the order of the day was Pig racing!

I know, where else but in America?

montana 2013 147

First one out of the traps! Then….

montana 2013 153

Really funny, but for a good cause, the money raised goes to help send local kids to College.

Needless to say i splashed a few dollars on Pig number 5, and needless to say, I lost! It was a fun day, and memorable too.



  1. Oh my goodness! You probably went right past my house! Let's just say that I know people in those top few pictures! Glad you had such a good time. I love Montana!

    1. I did, and thank you! I would have loved to have met up!! Maybe next time?

  2. I'm thinking you could bring pig racing to the UK maybe ;)

    1. Couldnt happen here Im afraid! Too many namby pamby doo gooders here!!

  3. Too Funny,"Only In America"!
    What Fun!!
    I'm Loving Hearing The Details Of The Photos I Previewed Through "INSTAGRAM". I'm Gonna Have To Look Up The Incident You Mentioned, From The,40'S.

    Sorry Your Little Feller Didn't Win!
    Fun Fun
    On To The Next Post.

    1. Yeah, 74 people I think lost there lives in that mining tragedy.
      I will post a picture soon showing the plaque at the mine.