Monday, July 01, 2013

Don`t Ya Just love Tack Shops!

Frannies Tack Shop:  Half way between Bridger and Cody.

montana 2013 trail 258

Hidden away down a small track, behind some old buildings, was a small shop, nothing too obvious.  But when you push open the door, and that first  breath of leathery air fills your lungs?  The excitement is too much!  What was supposed to be a half hour, turned into a 2 hour shop. Sheena hunting for Bosal`s, in a sea of Bosal`s! Me checking saddles and Pulling collars! 

montana 2013 trail 260

New saddles, second hand saddles, panniers, Mule saddles, chaps, bridles, bits ………….It was a Heaven sent place of Glory!  I finally got me a good Slicker, and a Pulling Collar, Sheena got a Bosal, Mecate, and tons of other cool stuff!

montana 2013 trail 261

Thats a shy Rick, the shop owner, makes saddles too! Has a way cool room in the back!! Full of stuff in the making! ( I almost fell for a wonderful Rough out Saddle.)  Elaine Schwend, Ranch owner on the left.

Of course there were other tack places, one in Cody, a bit on the touristy side, and when I asked for a look at some Wild Rags, I was looked up and down!  But here is a shot of part of it.

montana 2013 080

Now, we came across one place, outside of Billings. Out on an industrial place. Called, Buckaroo Business.  Sheena had to drag me out! I was in love!! God help me, it was a really cool…..Ice cool place. Full of Vacquero stuff, traditional cowboy tack. Yes and I did spend like a drunken sailor on leave!!   But what the hell! So here is what i came out of this shop with?  Want to know?…….Ok!

One 45 foot Reata,   Mohair Mecate Reins!!  Thats it!!  Just the feel and smell! Ah!  heaven on a stick!  Sorry folks, got myself carried away. So that was it really. By the end of the first week, I was flat broke and busted!  But my case was full of real goodies!!!

Ps/ I was so damn excited in this shop, I forgot to get pictures, and with Sheena trying to drag me out before I went bankrupt? Sorry. but go on line to Buckaroo   or their address

221 North 15th Street
Billings, Montana, 59101


  1. Oh i love tack stores too, specially the less touristy ones!! Sounds like good stuff you got, I got a pair of horsehair mecarte reins this spring that I had been looking for forever (I wanted the smaller ones for a small bosal and I wanted not too prickly) and I love them!

    1. Pretty cool! I love the feel of them, or am I odd?

    2. nope not odd at all....well at least not for that, lol

  2. There is nothing like a western tack shop to take up all of your time and money. We always search them out when we are on vacation and spend ridiculous amounts of time inside.

    1. True, you can always waste time in a tack shop LOL!

  3. Oh that just looks like my idea of heaven!! So many hours can be passed in a place like this..... I am very envious!

    1. Yep! Its like a time machine, you go in, and hey presto, its hours later!