Monday, July 01, 2013

Trail Partner.


Now I dont want to be inconsiderate, nor do I want to hog these pages! So I thought my riding partner should get a mention. Here she is! But before you look at these pics, Sheena rode like a trooper. Thanks Pard!

montana 026

No not the horse! The little lady with the hat!  Or what about this one?

montana 084

Back in the barn!  Mike on Sheena`s left and Jerry on her right! Now Sheena likes to party. But all those pics have been deleted!!!(wonder why).

montana 2013 135

people watchin` ? Local Roping comp.

montana 2013 181

Kind to horses.

montana 2013 217

We were supposed to chasin` cows here!

montana 2013 trail 303

We had a day up in the Bear Tooth Mountains, cutting Lodge Pole pine.   Sheena cuts a mean tree!  That is an axe in her hand, and yes most of us took a wide birth!Lol!

montana 2013 trail 321

montana 2013 trail 531

Sheena and the Crow Indian guide. Heading up towards Weir Point.

montana 2013 trail 555

Sheena deciding which horse for the day?  I think she would tried to get one in her suitcase if she could!


  1. You've all been having fun, haven't you?

    1. Yes we have! Much fun, and I have to be honest, its been 40 years in the waiting!

  2. Some lovely photos in recent blogs. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  3. She sounds like a good partner to take on a vacation!

  4. Very interesting read. Crow Indian guide? We were at Custer State Park before it was a state park and there was a Crow Agency close by or a reservation. I forget.