Thursday, July 04, 2013

A Bit of a Scramble!


Those cows were all over the place, some on the Rimrock, some down in the valleys.

montana 2013 247

Steve and I, together with Ty, the wrangler, got to go up through the Rimrock, and look over the top. Well to be honest, it all looked ok, then we found we had only one way up. This was it. It was steep, and bits of rock kept sliding off the edge we were on, but we made it.

montana 2013 trail 561

This was the view. “Duke” and I sat and looked for quite some time!  But eventually we had to go down,  we found a not so steep place, this time hidden by some fallen trees.

montana 2013 trail 610

Finally onto the valley floor, to push the cattle towards new pasture.

montana 2013 trail 623

Thought I`d stay back and take in the view, again. Just love this.

montana 2013 trail 624

montana 2013 trail 612

That`s Bill, he`s busy dispatching a Rattlesnake.

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