Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Custer Trail, and an Crow Indian called Ken!

I have always been a big fan of the History of the American West.  From an early age, the sheer courage and tenacity the pioneers needed to travel across such wild places.  So with Sheena, and a small  group of people we decided to ride the final 20 miles of Custer`s Route the site of the “Battle of the Little Bighorn.”

For me, this was certainly one of the highlights of my trip. It started  some miles from the Battlefield, the heat was in the 90`s, and ……I got to meet Ken!

Ken Real Bird is his proper name.  Pictured here with his very shy Grandson.

montana 2013 trail 481

We met up with our horses at the start of the ride, (obvious) and after some preliminary saddle checks?

montana 2013 trail 417

Then the “where are we look”,  we set off.

montana 2013 trail 418

I rather liked the paint horse i was on, until a bit later on, I realised it was “mechanically Lame”. Front left, stepping too short. It was like riding a Pantomime horse.

montana 2013 trail 427

Sheena kept taking the pictures and I was more than happy, since my own camera had broke!

montana 2013 trail 493

They call Montana, Big Sky Country, I think that`s an understatement!

montana 2013 trail 450

This is the place where Custer and his men crossed over the Divide, heading for Medicine Tail Coulee. Near the Crow`s Nest.

montana 2013 181

Sheena at Reno Creek!

montana 2013 165

Thirsty work this trail riding!!

montana 2013 trail 526

Riding up Medicine Tail Coulee. The whole gang!

montana 2013 trail 517

I even got to wear my Sherriff's  badge!  (schoolboy!) 

montana 2013 trail 537

The Little Bighorn river.  The track to the right takes us down to where Custer was caught trying to cross.

montana 2013 trail 541

montana 2013 trail 544

Crossing was real fun, and a great moment for me. This is what it was all for, the final mile had to be done on foot or vehicle.

montana 2013 trail 553

A quiet moment was had here. It does`nt matter who lost or won, in death, there are no winners.

montana 2013 trail 551

the culmination of our two day ride, I can only speak for myself, it was will worth the wait.

montana 2013 trail 550


  1. oh boy I'm in love with that big sky Montana. Fantastic photos!!!! taking it you got a new horse after the paint!

    1. It is a truly wondrous place! Yes, I did get a more robust animal!! That Paint was just like sitting on top of two blokes in a horse costume!Lol. Good to hear from you, have been getting few if no comments for a while now?