Sunday, September 01, 2013

Between The Ears.

montana 2013 trail 607
Just what does go on between them ears?   Who knows, but thats it, isnt it? No one really knows, its all  supposition, or best guess.  But here is what i think, for what its worth.
The Street 004
Ears forward? :    “Ok, which way now?…..Yeah! Dont kick my ribs to a pulp, I`m going!…Jeezus!  Whats with this guy?  I can see the road, does he think I cant see?”
The Street 057
Ears up, but outward:    “ Not another bloody photograph! Honest to God, whats up with these people? Stop here, stop there!  And as for that bridle he has on me? You`d think he would have sorted out my mane and forelock,  it looks awful, he just does`nt care!  Gonna have me a sleep while they all pose and preen!”
The Street 099
Ears up forward and head turned around:
“ I thought I`d farted! But its not me ,  its his feet! Urgh!   Still, I suppose he does his best,  one pair of socks a week is an improvement!”
  Photo Copyright Claire Scott
Ears up, sideways, and head up:
“ OMG! How much further, this long distance stuff is too much! I gotta have it out with him,  I get tired too ya know! All I wanna do is eat grass, doesnt he get that!”


  1. Great post! The secret's all in the ears.... we should know ;-)

  2. Haha great interpretation. Who is the Appaloosa you are riding?

    1. The appy, is Sunny, the foal I bred, she`s now 4, mentioned her some time ago.

  3. Looks like she's going well. I think you're spot on with the interpretations!

  4. hahah great post and probably very accurate. The lady who owned the equestrian centre where I had Hokey started at said ....' Sal it's all in the ears ...always watch them'. With Hokey it's true. His ears tell a behaviour story. I love you header photo too.

  5. Hahaha! I think you maybe have it all figured out! Too funny :)

  6. LOL, I think you got every one right. To funny, thanks for the chuckle