Monday, August 12, 2013

The Trip.


The Street 010

(Sunny, dressed to kill!)

Friday dawned, and we travelled to see an old friend. Angela, runs a horse friendly farm, and does a wicked B&B!  We had booked to stay for a few days.

Myself, Sheena Katy and another Angela!  I brought along my young horse Sunny, a 4 year old mare, just out of finishing school!  We had a few good rides planned, and one of those was along the old Roman road known as The Street.

The Street 019

Here they are, horse watching!

The Street 025

Dunno who this guy is?  They view down the Bowmont Valley is quite something.

The Street 055

High on the Roman road, at around 1500 feet. Wonderful ride, about 16 miles, just the thing! Sunny behaved impeccably, I was very impressed.

The Street 048

This is a long shot of Hownam Hill Fort, an Iron Age fort.

The place is riddled with history.

The Street 051

Here is Angela and her Cob, “Bhindy”, interestingly this pony was a bit of a nightmare, but now after retraining she is a dream horse.

The Street 085

Katy and Sheena, in the August sun.

The Street 098

Here she is, an Appaloosa cross Irish draft, so calm and easy.


  1. One good looking horse- and the ride looked great.

  2. That looks like a nice place to ride....pretty scenery.

    1. It is a great place, high and wide.

  3. Sunny is beautiful, the area is unreal WOW. Partial to that Bhindy, she's Camryn in a differant color :)

    1. Gorgeous scenery, also like your header pic.

    2. Your most kind, and yes its a pretty good area.

  4. Looks like a good trip and a good place to get lots of miles on Sunny! She sure is looking good too

  5. Looks like the start of a lovely ride !

    1. Hi Willow, thanks for tagging along, hope you enjoy the ride! It was a great ride, mainly because the young horse was truly good, soft and easy.