Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Present and the Past.



More rain again. I feel sorry for those down south.

rain from roof


It is with great sadness, that I have to report the sad passing of  “Teddy”.  Teddy was 19 years old, and although very frail in his last years, still managed to always be cheerful.   We first came to know Teddy way back, he was full of fun and always on the go! A ladies man through and through, Teddy came to stay with us as a result of losing his previous home. We had  the space, so he came to live at our place. Never one to complain, whatever he took, he gave back in spades! A reliable house sitter and good friend to us both.  He was clean, and although not always tidy,  earned his keep as a mouse and rat catcher in the local community. He will be sadly missed.  I thought I`d add his picture.



  1. Sounds like Teddy had a good life.

  2. What a beautiful boy he was. 19 is a good number of years, nice to know he was loved and appreciated.
    I saw some of the flooding of the Thames on the news, very sad, reminded me of the flooding in Alberta last year. I think it is a pretty tough year so far for weather, with the rain over there, the drought in California and the huge winter storms in the Eastern US.

    1. Yes he was cared for. The flooding here is worse in the south west in Somerset, whole villages have been cut off since Christmas. It seems that Mother Nature has a habit of biting us in the a**e, to remind us, she is in charge.

  3. Sounds like Teddy made a pretty good run of it. Here in the high country we have had an ordinary winter, a few good snows and this morning light rain. I am glad not to be living in the areas that are having such a tough go of it this winter.

  4. Glad to be safe here in the high country and away from all the bad winter weather. Sounds like Teddy made a pretty good run of it.

  5. 19 is a grand old age for a 4 legged rat catcher. What a handsome boy.

  6. So sorry you lost him. Sounds like he had a great life with you. He was a handsome boy.

  7. Sorry to hear about Teddy, he sounds like a grand cat. Welcome back to you glad to see you back here again. That flooding looks awful, feel bad for all affected.

  8. I'm so sad to hear you lost Teddy. I have a 17 year old male, white cat, "Loki". He just pretty much hangs around the front porch these days. He does love his sun naps and he curls up with our German Shepherd, Lady!