Saturday, February 22, 2014


You ever wonder how some folks get through life? ……..I do.

Now I`m not saying I`m perfect, and we all make mistakes, but there are those, who seem attract trouble or problems. People who seem to always have crises going on around them. For instance, just the other day, I was leaning on a field gate, minding my own business, and watching a squirrel run along a fallen tree, when a young fella came along. He was all done up wearin` the brightest loggin` gear a man could get! Looked all new, in his right hand he was carryin` a clean lookin` Stihl chainsaw, big enough to cut the world in half!  Some time later, after he got to checkin` the ol` Oak tree out, he pushed back his bright orange helmet, sort of leisurely like, and rubbed his chin.  He stood for a while, and then reached for the saw.

The tree trunk was maybe 3 feet thick, but this saw was huge, I watched as he tried desperately to start it up, after about ten minutes, he stopped, an` as he removed his helmet, I could clearly see the sweat on his furrowed brow. Of course I was well hidden from view, well to him anyway. But there he was, leakin` like a colander in a flood, but he persisted, an` I got to admire his sand. I was startin` to wonder if this guy had all the  gear,  and no idea, when I watched him climb onto the trunk, lifted his saw up, laid it on the trunk of the tree, and tried to start it again?  (Why)

This time the saw fired up! Only I dont think he was ready, an` he lost his footin` on the tree trunk, and slipped! Only to land with a leg either side of the damn tree! …………..Even I felt the pain, I mean that had to hurt! Meanwhile the saw chattered on, vibratin` as it went, slowly movin` backwards t`ward the owner, who was still moanin` in pain!

It wasnt that I couldnt have helped, no Sir!  But I was laughin` so hard,  it was more like watchin` a slow motion movie, an` ya know whats gonna happen!  Sure enough, the saw backed up to him, and stopped, he reached out a gloved hand and held the saw steady, well I assume that was his intention, but to no avail!  he merely caused to saw to flip, thats right, flip up and off the tree.  I never have been able to understand why he reached out to try and catch the damn saw, no, never have. But he did, and the combination of a fallin` saw, still chatterin`, and this idiot tryin` to grapple it to earth, was somethin` to behold!  He was one lucky guy, I mean really lucky!   I was by now opening the field gate, when I looked up and watched this guy spring to his feet, look round the field, and quickly grab his gear and disappear.  Reminded me of a John Wayne quote:

“Life is hard, even harder when your stupid!”

See ya!


  1. O Yikes! I sure woulda been laughin at him too. I see people do stupid things all the time too. Reminds me of another quote which unfortunately true "common sense isn't all that common"

  2. 'All the gear, no idea' is one of my favourite sayings.

  3. Funny! Wish you would have had your camera and let us see him in action.

  4. Oh dear what an idiot.