Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Packer Boots.



Last year, while in Montana, I saw a few Wranglers and  other riders wearing “Packer Boots”.  When I wear boots, (Roper, or Heeled Cowboy boots) I find that there isnt quite enough support around the ankle. Now that said, I do have a weaker right ankle than the left. Due to previous injury.

So when I returned to the UK, having no money left!!   I found some Chippewa Packer Boots online.  Preloved on Etsy, at a very reasonable price. So having got them home, I was really impressed!   I wore them for the recent trip across Scotland, they were brilliant. Walking over difficult terrain and riding, was so much better.

I had no sore ankle or any other ache or pain. Best buy ever!


  1. Very timely post. Jason is looking for some new boots so I am going to mention these to him!

    1. I really love these now, Adtec do them too!

  2. The look sturdy. The right footwear is really important for anything active, isn't it?