Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Silver Boot, 2014


silver boot 072

The Silver Boot, is an unofficial, non sanctioned endurance ride across and in Scotland. It is by invitation only, and finally after 14 years of waiting? Yep, I got an invite.  Serious stuff this.  There are rules, but not many. First and foremost, is the care of the horse. (nuff said!)

The idea is as follows. There will be a destination nominated. All entrants are to arrive at this point on a certain day by a certain time. During the ride, the more high passes, the more miles per day, etc all gain points. There is more but I shall not go into that.  Some riders camp and take Pack ponies, some use B&B`s, some ………..well some use anything handy! So this year the teams did well,  we tried hard, but due to a lame horse, we had to seek alternative routes.


Taken on the first day, Glen Feshie, about 12 miles in.

silver boot 007

This shot of the old Ruthven Barracks, outside Newtonmore, a ruin now but during the 18th century a military stronghold for the English.

silver boot 027

End of the second day, at Glen Mar, with Glen Mar Lodge in the background. very cold, with a slight frost!!

silver boot 035

Third day start, Glen Tilt,  another 22 mile route, yep! It rained.

silver boot 046

Raining again, with low clouds, at Lochain  Uaine, heading up towards the Ryvoan Pass, miserable.

silver boot 053

Not the most legible marker, but clearly seen is the name Braemar,  home of her Majesty the Queen. One of our destinations.

silver boot 058

One of the competitors, Ruaridh Orniston, and his two Cleveland Bay horses, now officially on the endangered list.


  1. Spectacular pictures, I have enjoyed seeing your posts again!

  2. What a great, beautiful area to ride. Other than the weather, looked like a great time.

  3. A little bad weather didn't spoil your ride, I'm betting! Love those ruins. I didn't know that about the Cleveland Bays; you'd think with them being a favourite of the Queens that she would do something to preserve them.

    1. Thanks Shirley, I`ll send her an email?

  4. Sure is some nice country there, too bad about the rain the whole time. And frost, wonder if it was the same night we got frost here?

    1. Hi Crystal nice to hear from you. Yep the temp went to 0 degrees, (C) only had my summer bag to sleep in! Anyway had a reasonable sleep and managed a slow but positive ride hat day!