Friday, April 03, 2015

New saddle Pad- (much deliberation!)



Many`s the month I have deliberated over this, the long and the short of it is, that despite  buying many pads over the years none have done the job to my standards.  the latest pad in use is by me is the Monty Roberts endorsed pad by Cavallo, the Full Monty Pad.

It is a good pad, but it has its limits, and I have reached that. its fine for short turns in the saddle, and as long as you are not carrying too much gear over long distances its ok.

But the sweat build up and heat, has been its biggest drawback. So not wanting to destroy the back of my horses, my final choice has been the 5 Star 1inch Wool felt saddle pad.

Having read all the blurb, and spoke to many riders in the western discipline, it seems that this pad provides the optimum requirements for me. I will keep you all upto date as we progress.


  1. Is this the 5 Star pictured?

    1. Hi Mary Ann! Yes it is the one, 32x32 i inch wool felt pad.

  2. I'll be interested to read your review on it once you have used it for a while. I've been thinking about getting one, but the price is holding me back.