Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eye Surgery?…………………..

Well?………Its done.   Both eyes, Yep!……………But let me start at the begining.

It all started a few months ago I couldnt see a damn thing, thought the fog had come down on the trail!………………………..”Say Doc, you tellin` me, these here eyes `o mine are needin` fixin`? “

“ Hell son, they`s almost beyond fixin`!……But  got me a friend `o mine down near South Fork, he`s got some new fangled eye fixin` contraption!……..He done two cowhands eyes a week ago….they can see well enough now!”  I listened as Doc Wiggins rambled on.

“How much Doc?………I ain`t got me nuthin` more than a good hoss an` saddle!”

“Shucks son, ain`t that much!………….No Sirree…he`ll probly do it fur the saddle!”

Well I wus kinda taken with the idea, so took me on down ta South Fork.   Found the local saw bones, buried in this contraption, lights sparks an` all manner of shenanigans!   Took me a mite of time to git his `tention.

“Say Doc, you the man can do this here sight savin`?”  …

“Thats right cowboy, how many eyes you wanna save? One or both?”

He looked a mite wild, all his clothes looked kinda burned, sorta charred. I was not inspired! No Sir!

“ I want both saved Doc, how much?”

The Doc rubbed his dirty chin, took a slug of Whisky an` said, “ Lets see now?……..I`ll take the saddle son, or the horse, dont matter which one!”

I had no choice, “Take the saddle, its a good one”

With that I was told to set on an `ol Dentists chair, kinda worn, horse hair wus stikin` out.

“Set still son, be over in no time!”  Before I could say anything, I was strapped to the chair! Good god almighty! It wus a frightening thing. All manner of lights an` this new fangled `lectric juice!

“Hell Doc!  Wat you doin`? I ain`t never been strapped down afor`!”

“Well son, you ain`t been to the right establishment!  Jes sit back an` enjoy the ride! “ He kinda re`minded me o` ma crazy Uncle Silas, but thats another story.

I dont re`member much after that, but I do know, it wus like gettin` stabbed in the eye by an` `ol Longhorn! Damn it hurt!  Once the lights stopped an` the wirrin` noise stopped, the Doc let me up, he said, “ Son?  That wus some ride! hell I ain`t seen no one scream like that afor!  YeeeeHa!”

Anyhow, I was outta there like a frog on a hot stove!  Its been stingin` for hours now, been down to the Bar T, talked to them other cowboys. They told me the same thing, hurt like hell!

But tomorrow`s another day, an` I hope all bein` well, I can take the bandages off!  Ain`t no fun ridin` bareback blindfolded !   


  1. Hey, that is the way it used to be! Ha. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

  2. I hope the pain isn't that bad...Great story though! he he

  3. Thanks both! The pain didnt exist, and yes, modern medicine has come of age!

  4. How true. It ain't no fun riding bareback while blindfolded!
    Great story!

  5. great job done .....I gather eye surgery with a laser .....I was all set too....blind as a bat and only good with contacts .....but I chickened out. Good for you!!!!!

  6. That sounds a might painful, but worth it! Hope you are well!

  7. Now listen here Sally! get it done! It doesnt hurt a bit, and I am being serious. So for me its a really worth while thing, and I`m old and miserable! Your young and full of life! Go do it kid!

  8. Phew! Glad you came out of it with them both intact, Cheyenne.