Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kershope Foot. (West of Keilder)

Kershope Foot today!…………Of course nothing ever goes smooth, got to the girls place, wagon wouldnt start!  Did a bit of “jiggery-pokery”  and it fired! A short drive to Newcastleton, and a diversion for Kershope Forest.

Kershope 2011 003

L-R, Tiny, Topaz & Gracie!  This is a disused quarry. great for parking.

Kershope 2011 007

Looking North across the Moffat Hills!  The trees last year were`nt this tall!

Kershope 2011 009

L-R Topaz, and his rider Katy, Tiny and his rider Sheena. It was a good day, calm warm and most important of all! It didnt rain!

Kershope 2011 006

“Left or Right, c`mon dad!”

Kershope 2011 014 

To roll? Or not to roll!………….

Kershope 2011 015 

Ok! Thats enough then!  A really good ride, plenty to see and just enjoy! Good tracks, and good company, all washed down with a terrific cup of tea, and a cheese and pickle sandwich!


  1. My day started with a dead battery. No amount of fiddling helped. Road side service came and installed a new one...Thanks for the pics.

  2. You sure do get out on some nice rides.

  3. Looks like a nice area.I saw a wedding out at a riding area near me and the pics were all in front of the corral made from trees.

  4. Very nice! Did you ever decide on a pair of boots? Maybe I missed a post.

  5. Thanks everyone, Mary? Yes I did, a pair of Ariat ropers!

  6. great pictures did you go left or right?? .....and yes the world is always a better place after a good cup of tea!

  7. We turned "right"! Hi Sally! A cup of tea can solve a lot!

  8. Goodness, I go away fora short time and everyone has changed their pages...was I gone that long?


    Hey you been?

    I just dropping in to say hi and let you know I'm back and will be visiting you again...I promise not to ask to wear your boots...yeah, I saw that remark! ;-)