Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank You.

A follow up:   I`d like to thank everyone for their kind words. AS I sit here, and with two fingers, type the required words, I feel inspired, in fact I feel Epic!…………I can only see  five feet in front to of my nose! But hey! Its progress! Lol!

So thanks to all, much appreciated.   In case anyone out there in blog land is thinking of it? There is no pain at all, in fact you can watch them, while the Laser your eyeball! Even while they cut open the lens! Amazing stuff.

There is one small point! After the Anaesthetic  wears off, your eyes feel like they have been rubbed in fresh cut onions?  Yeah… thats about right!  But that only last for about……………… hour.

Get it done!!!!  Oh!…….One other thing, minor really, Dont drive, take a taxi, train plane whatever.


Ps?  Any one know of a good Insurer?


  1. As a person who has been a slave to glasses and contacts pretty much all my life, I can really feel your happiness.

    Seeing as soon as I wake-up in the morning? I can only imagine.

    Actually seeing the gunk in the shower/bathtub corners?...sometimes blindness is bliss. he he.

    Good for you!

  2. Glad everything went OK, Cheyenne. Seeing five feet in front of your nose ain't necessarily a bad thing. Just depends on how long your nose is.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging report. Now you can really carry on.